Health Body Talk

Your body is trying to get your attention. Are you listening? It’s not telling you to work out, get fit or eat right. It’s begging you to listen–to stop what you’re doing and listen.

In his book, THE HEART OF THE SOUL, Gary Zukav talks about an energy system existing concurrently with our biological system. Both systems are vital to our lives. He writes, “As energy is processed at different locations, and in different ways, different emotions result.” Emotions are impulses sent from your soul that communicate with your body at different energy sites. Likewise, your soul is constantly sending messages to your consciousness.

Unfortunately, we get caught up in busy-ness or adopt a lifestyle that is so deafening that we can’t hear what the soul is saying. Headaches, throat problems, chest pains, stomach tenderness and lower back pain are some of the ways that our inattentiveness can manifest in the body.

Taking the advice of the book, I began to take inventory of what was occurring in my energy centers and the underlying emotions fueling those centers. I anticipated proceeding in an organized fashion from the top of my head, center #7, to the base of my torso, center #1, but my stomach felt queasy so I decided to start there.

I touched my solar plexus, the part of my body between my rib cage and my stomach. As my hand rested on my stomach area, I detected energy filling my hand and filling my consciousness. I relaxed my body and emptied my mind. I felt sadness. The sadness became more intense and more agonizing. The image of a person in pain scrunched tightly in a ball came to my awareness. This person radiated an impoverished soul, moaning and groaning, so afraid and so distrusting of everything and everybody. Her voice said repeatedly, “I don’t trust you.” I was stunned by how resolute this person was.

I knew that my stomach had given me trouble in the past. What started as indigestion had worsened over time such that I was prescribed Protonix, kept Tums in my purse and took Maalox before every meal. However, since I had started drinking 6-8 glasses of water per day, the gastric disturbances had subsided. Yet, as I placed my hand on my stomach, my soul’s communication with that energy center was overwhelming. I came face to face with the wounded part of me.

It wasn’t the first time. Initially, it was discovery of a lost part of myself. But she had changed. Once comforted by my arrival, she was now resistant and backing away from me. She was not a guide, helping me resolve the pain of my childhood. Not this time. She was blaming me. This part of me, the wounded child, felt abandoned by me. As I recalled my history and life choices, I understood. I had dragged her from job to job, relationship to relationship, church to church, ignoring her deepest needs. She wasn’t nourished or attended to. Everything else was more important. My inattentiveness only reiterated the messages she received as a child – she didn’t matter. My actions had only compounded her deepest pain.

It is very sobering when you know that you are responsible for the pain that you are in. Sure, you weren’t the one who originally inflicted the pain, but as an adult, you have the choice whether to seek help for your wounded soul or compound the pain by poor, dishonoring choices.

Could it be that struggles with body image and weight have little to do with food and more to do with a malnourished soul? The cry may be out of frustration of not having the attention that really truly matters – yours. Listen to what your body is saying. Lay your hand where it hurts. As a friend, be with that wounded part of you. Listen to it. Identify the feelings. Once you can feel compassion for that wounded or starved part of you, you can then begin to do what’s necessary to heal.

Body and Soul

We can assume that we are totally well when –

Upon awakening, we look forward to the day’s activity optimistically

We feel emotionally capable of feeling relaxed and contented or enthusiastic and happy

We do not feel anxious, fearful, discontented, or depressed

Our practical thinking is clear, rational and constructive

Our thoughts are not muddled, emotionally charged or destructive

We are prepared to apply concentration and focus upon our work and responsibilities and then upon our chosen pleasures and enjoyments

We do not resent our work and become addicted to ‘week ends’ – work is our privilege to be enjoyed and responsibilities test and strengthen us

We are committed to living as freely and naturally as possible within our environment

We do not feel imprisoned in situations that we feel we cannot improve or alter

Respect is readily shown – to our own self, to others, to any accepted authority, to all living creatures and to God as the giver of all life

We have little need to be defensive or disregard for others enough to cause harm

We regard the positive achievements of mankind with great admiration but greater still, the achievements and creations of Nature itself

We observe human mistakes and errors but acknowledge human capability to use free will responsibly in making corrections

We feel our bodies are healthy and vital, our emotions loving and caring, generous and kind, and our mental consciousness functioning freely on both a practical level and idealistic level – to serve to guide to us in our independent lives

We refrain from looking to life motivation from outside values and people before seeking our own counsel and intuition

We are aware but not overcome by the physical, emotional and at times mental conflicts and pain that each of us experiences at some time.

A commitment to building health offers remedies on each level of our psyche as we embrace all the spheres of ourselves and satisfy our physical and emotional needs as well as those of the mind, the soul and our spiritual self.

Reminders: Nature encourages us to rest and have times of Stillness – and this requires discipline

When the body is still we become more aware of our emotions – so we learn to relax

When our emotions are quiet we become more acutely aware of our thoughts – we learn to breathe easy

When our thoughts are still we have opportunity to become aware of our souls – we practise meditation

When our soul is at peace or in conflict we look towards our spiritual self – we seek to expand our awareness and consciousness of our life Source and inspiration.

Natural Health Body Detoxification Is it Necessary

Everyday, people are exposed to various toxins, which harm the body and cause serious diseases. These toxins can be internal toxins that are released in the body as a by-product of normal metabolic activity; or external toxins such as heavy metals (lead, aluminum etc), smoke, drugs (cocaine, steroids etc), food preservatives and additives, alcohol, chemicals, harmful organic compounds etc. The list is practically endless, which is why the process of body detoxification assumes vital proportions.

Body detoxification refers to the ability of the human body to rid itself of harmful toxins. The body performs the detoxification process through four main organs, which are:

The Kidneys
The Liver
The Skin
The Intestines
All toxins in your blood, whether internal or external, reach your liver before they reach any other part of the body. The liver then acts upon these toxins and removes them through the bile and kidneys. Some water soluble toxins may escape the liver detoxification, but these are then eliminated through the kidneys. Your skin too helps in the process of body detoxification by eliminating toxins through sweat and skin rashes.
Thus, the natural body detoxification process generally ensures that all the toxins are removed from the body. However, in recent times, natural body detoxification processes may not be very efficient in removing all the harmful toxins from the body, due to several reasons such as:

Sluggish detoxification enzymes in the body.
Presence of too many toxins in the modern world.
Poor nutrition and unhealthy diets.
Increased constipation.
Loss of equilibrium of bowel flora.
Presence of beta-glucuronidase, which is an enzyme that reverses the detoxification process, thus leading to an increase in the amounts of bodily toxins.
Due to all these factors, the natural process of body detoxification can take a severe beating, which is why it is essential to get body detoxification support. In order to optimize the body detoxification process, you may need to do several things including:
Go on a detoxification diet.
Take natural nutrients and antioxidants which support the liver detoxification process.
Undergo various therapies for colon detoxification.
By simply doing one thing and not doing the other, you will not be able to detoxify your body effectively. For best results regarding body detoxification, it is recommended that you seek professional help. A natural health expert will advise you about the best combination of body detoxification therapies, depending on your individual needs and interests. You will thus not need to rely on a single product which may or may not benefit you, but will have the finest resources at hand for optimum body detoxification and good health.

Healthful Meals for a Healthful Body

There is no doubt that if you are capable to take in a healthy diet regime you will have a good deal far more vitality to take pleasure in everyday life. You will also locate that you immune method can be enhanced, as well as making certain you have a healthful heart. For several folks the idea of consuming healthful meals basically doesn’t arrive into play; the will go there entire lives feeding on poorly, both doubting or ignoring the value of ingesting effectively. But if you are one particular of those who is dedicated to consuming wholesome meals to enhance your total wellness, then you will want to begin by studying much more about what can make excellent food well being, and the dietary benefits of these items.

An easy mistake that a good deal of folks make when taking into consideration how to devour healthily is that they mistakenly area too tiny emphasis on the repercussions of the occasional ice cream and piece of pizza. The difficulty that arises is that these items tend to add up and the negative behavior we sort start off to increase the energy. There are easy measures to manage the issues that you are ingesting, and as you are far more skilled with monitoring your foods, you will come across it comes much more naturally. It is also value contemplating that you eating behavior can be impacting other cherished ones and you would hate to be the catalyst for poor routines in your loved ones.

Picking to devour healthily is a opportunity to attempt several new and diverse foods; which include fruits, vegetables and grains that you would otherwise not usually have tasted. The rewards of eating wellness meals have indicated in study that you will be capable to reduced your blood pressure and minimize the likelihood of creating elevated blood tension in the very first location. When you introduce a wholesome and well balanced diet regime you are not only instructing your youngsters great routines for existence, you are guaranteeing that they will develop up to be sturdy and nutritious also. It is shown that youngsters who are applied to sitting down to devour with their families are much more most likely to consume fruit and greens, and a smaller amount inclined to kind the habit of snacking on poor high quality junk foods.

The most typical wellness problem from consuming these junk meals is that it is closely tied to weight acquire. When you are feeding on nutritious meals you are maintaining your entire body balanced, and there is no purpose not to consume foods that you enjoy, it is basically a matter of finding wholesome alternatives that will depart you satisfied. Following a healthful diet plan signifies steering clear of as well significantly sweet, cookies, pastries and cakes. If you are aiming to reduce elevated blood stress, then research have demonstrated that basically adding more lower fats dairy, fruit and greens will aid this.

To get commenced making healthful meals, begin by introducing much more raw meals into your diet plan, this kind of as salads and vegetable juices. You can also make simple modifications by switching to entire grain bread and making use of reduced extra fat alternatives. Even utilizing much less extra fat or ‘healthy’ fats this sort of as olive oil can decrease your excess fat consumption. So begin generating the proper options with meals right now – your family members as nicely as your physique will thank you!

Body Systems and the Mind-Body Connection

Synergy: The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.

Natural medicine is unique in that it aims to treat health using the concept of synergy, rather than simply treating a specific symptom. It is aimed at using natural remedies that work with the body, helping the various systems in the human body get healthy by working with each other, not in isolation.

In addition, it takes into account the great effect that the mind/emotions have on the body, and vice-versa. This is a fascinating topic that is becoming a bigger part of human consciousness. We are all looking for ways to live a healthier life, whether physically, mentally/emotionally, or spiritually, and beginning to realize that conventional medicine with its cause-and-effect prescriptive approach, while powerful in many ways, is nevertheless limited in its ability to heal.

In taking into account the concept of synergy, it is possible to see that health is both more complex, yet somehow simpler than we imagined. In isolation, there could be a hundred things we would like to change about our health, whether they are getting rid of unwanted heath symptoms, changing certain attitudes or mindsets, improving certain areas of our well-being, or preventing future unwanted health complications. This can be overwhelming and scary for obvious reasons.

But when viewing the body as a complex organism with many synergistic components, we can start to see that improving health is a more holistic venture, and this makes it a simpler thing to deal with.

A common example: someone has poor digestion, maybe acid reflux, constipation and/or diarrhea. So they take some antacids on a regular basis, try to avoid certain foods, etc. What they don’t realize is their adrenal glands, which are in charge of providing energy to the body, are fatigued and this is making it difficult for their digestive system to get the energy it needs to function. So they start treating their adrenals which involves getting better sleep, reducing stress, maybe taking a natural supplement to improve adrenal function, etc, and guess what? Their digestion improves. Most likely, many other areas of their health improve as well.

Or, a more mind-body example of synergy: Stress is a component of everyone’s life. Some people manage it okay, but many others, especially in today’s hectic age are burdened by excessive amounts of stress. This can affect the entire body, and lead to a huge variety of health issues. Say you have high blood pressure, related to a stressful situation in your life. Conventional medicine will prescribe you a drug, and perhaps a diet or exercise regimen to follow, and of course this can be helpful. But without dealing with the underlying cause of your high blood pressure – your excessive stress – you will be stuck with only being able to hold the problem at bay. By focusing on dealing with the mental and emotional components of your stress, perhaps making some changes to your life to reduce stress, you may be able to avoid taking unwanted medications and improve your overall quality of life as well as your blood pressure levels.

Try to start thinking about health in a more synergistic way, getting more in tune with the ways that your body feels and the interplay between its different systems, as well as the effect of your mind and emotions on your physical health. This alone is a very important ingredient in improving your health naturally.